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Make a great first impression

Whether you’re looking for a single branding element or a complete brand identity,
we’re the people to talk to.

BD Brand Design offers a variety of integrated branding services that will accurately
and confidently communicate how you want your business to be perceived in the marketplace.



Your visual brand makes a huge impact on how well your business attracts and influences the people you want to reach. It gives an immediate impression of who you are and what you stand for – and when you get that right, it will have a powerful effect on your company’s success.

BD Brand Design will create a complete brand identity that instantly communicates your brand in a style you’ll be proud to show to the world.

For new or established businesses, BD Brand Design will come up with a total brand identity that’s perfectly in sync with your broader marketing strategy.

It includes logo design, stationery design, and a style guide to ensure branding consistency across your company’s activities.

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Graphic Design

Talk to us about our expert graphic design services for all types of communication requirements. We offer a full range of services including graphic design for advertising, print and digital media, posters, brochures, reports, stationery, packaging and more.

BD Brand Design’s depth of experience is showcased in the quality of design work we do.
We are skilled in capturing the message you want to communicate through graphic design work that’s visually appealing, relevant to your market and highly effective.

Contact BD Brand Design today to find out more about how our expertise in graphic design will help you achieve the results you’re seeking.

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Visitors to websites are notoriously fickle. You have the briefest of moments to create a good impression – or your visitor will quickly move on.

BD Brand Design has strong expertise in web design, having designed websites for a wide range of national and international brands.

Draw on our capability in designing websites with instant appeal and that align perfectly with the brand impression you want to make.

Our across-the-board experience in creating integrated brand elements ensures your web design marries beautifully with your entire visual identity.

Specialising in UX/UI Web Design & Development for Adobe Business Catalyst, Squarespace & Wordpress.

Contact BD Brand Design today to find out more about our skills in web design that will create the impact you’re looking for.

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Packaging specialists in the Cosmetic, Skin Care and Beauty industry.

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Other Services

Brand Consulting

BD Brand Design will review your current brand and make recommendations for
how it can be improved to more accurately align with your business and its objectives.

We’ll factor in your communication goals, and assess how distinctive your brand is in your competitor landscape.

Arising from this, we’ll develop a complete brand strategy that contains an action plan of priorities to help you ensure all elements of your brand are co-ordinated and integrated.

Contact BD Brand Design today to find out more about our brand consulting service.


Strategic Marketing Consulting

Want to generate stronger results through your marketing?

Talk to us about BD Brand Design’s strategic marketing consulting services.

We’ll identify with you your goals for your business. We’ll then review your current marketing environment to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. From this we’ll chart a pathway to help you achieve the marketing results you’re seeking.

Specifically we’ll help you identify:

• Your company’s competitive advantage
• Key marketing messages to attract and convert more of your ideal prospects
• The market segments that offer the best opportunities for growth
• Any changes needed to make your branding more effective
• How to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities
• A budget and plan to implement marketing priorities

Our strategic marketing consulting provides a holistic context for you to achieve and
sustain stellar results for your business.

Contact BD Brand Design today to learn more about our strategic marketing
consulting service.


Copywriting services

Reinforce the value your business offers by drawing on BD Design’s expert copywriting services.

Through it, you will articulate the message you want your market to hear in a style that’s clear, persuasive and engaging.

Copywriting services are available for all types of digital and print communications including web copy, brochures, reports, media releases, case studies, email marketing, newsletters and more.

SEO copywriting is also available to boost the likelihood of your website being found by search engines.

Contact BD Brand Design today to learn more about our business copywriting services.