Brand Polish.

Before Brand Polish

Before Brand Polish

After Brand Polish

After Brand Polish

Radiate passion and professionalism.

We all know that when it comes to business, first impressions really count.

And in most cases, it’s your visual branding that’s going to create the first impression your business makes.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical that your branding elements accurately reflect what you want to communicate about your business. It’s also vital that each element is consistent and integrated – because on a subconscious level, it reassures your prospects and customers, and conveys your company’s professionalism.

Big dreams. Limited budget.

Do you remember those first tentative steps into business?  You had big dreams for what your business can achieve and with a limited budget established a brand that would grow with you.

Since then you have dedicated yourself to making those dreams a reality, and you are succeeding.  Your branding – the look and feel of your visual presentation – now needs to match your new reality.

Brand design polishing.

We will take your existing brand and give it the polish it needs to radiate your vision and passion. We will retain the soul of your brand, those elements that matter the most to you and your customers.  With care and precision, we will make granular adjustments to align your brand with your business strategy. 

The steps are simple;

1.     Design review

2.     Strategy recommendation

3.     Design refinement

Within 10 days your brand will be shining.
We can then assist with implementation of your design across all environments
including digital, signage, collateral and merchandise.

Pricing for small business.

We love small businesses that want to achieve big brand impact and we invest in those businesses to make it happen.  Talk to us about our small business investment packages. Limited number available.

Pricing starting at $1,999 + GST


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